Atheros WiFi on Linux

This Guide is for Atheros Chipsets, go here to find your chipset

I have tested this on:
Red Hat 9
Fedora Core2

For the most part the install procedures are the same.
I started with a fresh install

1. Install Linux
2. For Red Hat and Fedora, make sure you have sharutils
---- #rpm -q sharutils
Link the kernel to the source
---- /lib/modules/{kernel_version}/build should be a symlink to /usr/src/{kernel_version}

Check this by performing the following command

# cd /lib/modules/{kernel_version}
# ls -al build

3 . Get the MadWifi Drivers

# cvs -z3 co madwifi

4. Build

Build the drivers and load them, wlan and ath_hal must be loaded first.
Change to the madwifi directory and do

# make
# insmod wlan/wlan.o
# insmod ath_hal/ath_hal.o
# insmod driver/ath_pci.o

or install the drivers where they can be loaded automatically using

# make install
*note* Red Hat and Fedora, if you get errors with "#make install" run "#depmod" and see if you get errors.
If you get errors, set "CONFIG_MOD_VERSION=0" in #menuconfig" under Loadable module support

I got madwifi configured under RedHat ONCE, and never again was i able to do it. If you find another reason why it gives you "Unresolved Symbols" Let me know!

5. Configure the Car

Check for available Access Points

# ifconfig ath0 up
# iwlist ath0 scan

Assign required information to connect to your access point

# iwconfig ath0 essid ""
# iwconfig ath0 key ""

6. Software!!!! (not a complete list :) )

Kismet - a wifi stumbler
Gkismet - GTK front end for Kismet
Ettercap - Network analyzer, MITM Attacker
Ethereal - Network analyzer
APradar - Connects to networks
Airsnort - WEP cracker
Aircrack - WEP cracker