My Watercooling Project: I made this completely from scratch, i started with a inventor 3d drawing, and the put it into a rapid prototype machine. This prototype machine went over it to make it out of plastic and to a 66% scale. The 4 pictures are the four steps of the process from the drawing to the final prototype.


Ok, next came the making of the metal block. I took a scapr piece of 3/4" aluminum (because copper is hella expensive) and machined it to a square (3.5" X 3.5" aprox) using a standard milling machine. I had to write a CNC program in Master Cam, which by the way sucks. After writing the program i was able to machine my block. The CNC did all the work, it switched tools and did what i told it to do. Because of the small size of the waterblock and me only having a minimum of 1/8" mill to work with, i had to take out the fins right inside the center channel. No prob. While i was waiting for the mill to become available i went to a local glass store and bought 7 pieces of plexi-glass for my resivior. I had the shop cut them to the right sizes. I used super glue to tack them together, and then put an epoxy resin in the corners to seal it and to give it a strong bond. The nest step was to drill and tap some holes in the plexiglass for my threaded nipples to screw into. I used a drill press to drill tho holes, but i had a problem when it came to tapping them, i had a 1/2" nipple and only a 3/8" pipe tap. So i tapped the 3/8" and got the nipples in partially, i then heated them up enough to melt the plastic, this allowed me to screw them in and give me a great seal. It worked better than planned.

I have since trimmed the extra plastic on the waterblock.

OK, so i thought that my waterblock was a tad bit too big, as it covered the mounts on my mobo, so i took it into the shop and i milled away 1/4" off each side, and re-drilled and tapped the screw holes. So now the screws sit just inside the black seal. Much nicer looking and much smaller, and yet still as effective. I put the system into a dummy case, the mobo doesn't work, so if it got wet it wouldn't be a problem. The hose length isn't right either, but its a dummy case....

Well, the only real problem i have is trying to mount the waterblock to the mobo, i have a Soltek SL-FRN2-L , and it hasn't got any extra mounting holes. So i have to use the stock socket connectors. Any ideahs would be appreciated.

Ok, time to do some more work, but this time on my case. I took it into the shop and got out the air nibbler. For thoes of you who don't know what an air nibbler is, it a tool that cuts out little half moon shapes to cut through sheet metal.

This worked like a charm and cut rather nicely. Lets just say that it took longer to take my case apart to get the top off than it did to cut the hole.


I bolted the radiator to my case with some #6 brass bolts. This is holding it well and it doesn't rattle. I went home and hooked up the water block, and vut my tubing to length. Everything went well until i turned my computer on. It just started to reset itself over and over. To make a long story short, my custom clip, wasn't putting enough pressure on the cpu chip, so it was doing that. I had to put the stock heatsink and fan back on to get it to work again. So, sadly, i am back to the standard cooling.... i did keep the radiator in, and it pulls out out of the case. So going from a 80mm fan to a 120mm, it is a lot quieter. As soon as i can find a better way to clip my waterblock into place, i will get it hooked up and put some more pics up of it.


Ok, i got me a new clip from swiftech (after my dog ripped the package apart before i got home), and chopped off some fins and cut out a side, this make a nice clip that seems to work well, and looks a lot nicer. This is still in the dummy case, but i got a new res because my old one started leaking. I will get pics of the installed system soon. For now, here is the new clip.


Ah, got my new res! My wife had the camera, so i didn't get to take pics as i was installing it, but i have pics of it installed.

With the side fan turned on, i run at 33C idle and 36C load :) Very nice. Its a super simple setup, but works like a charm. My next project might have to be to get a GPU block cooler.... As mine is rather loud. Any questions or comments? feel free to e-mail me theplop(at)