So this is my project car, its a 1968 Ford Custom 500. My wife's stepdad has a bunch f cars just rotting out on his ranch, and this one was one of the better ones. Total cost to me, come and get it. I had to rent a u-haul trailer, and pay for the gas to drive my dads truck the 500 miles to get it. I got it home, and boy did it have a log of crap in it (literally) rat crap, horse poop, and don't ask how the horse crap got in there....

So i have it at my house now, and i have cleaned out the inside and started to prime some of the hood. I had to stop because of our laundry room needing attention.

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April 27th

OK, so i started to sand my car down so the rust doesn't eat it alive. I was using an angle grinder at first, but then went to a orbit sander, and that seems to be working a lot better. I need to get some putty to fill in some of the little dents and such.