May 25 - 05

Hail ojuice.

May 23 - 05

We had our ward activity that we were to help with.It went well, the food was good and we even ran out of food at the end. I didn't have to do a lot since i didn't get off work until 5, and it started at 6. We had it at Beaver Dick park just west of town. We had a lot of fun.

We then went up the the "R" Mountain to play some more and do some geocaching. I took a few pics and made this crappy panorama. ( one of the pics was blurry...) it took like 5 min total do extract and put them together,

May 20 -05

Today on the way home there was a big car show at the wal-mart parking lot. Since my car has been on the fitze, we decided to go in and have a lookie. Well, we ended up walking out with a 99 Dodge Durango. Its got 85k miles on it, and a V8.... mmmm, V8...... now we can go camping and all sorts of things. I love driving it. I actually have some power under the hood, unlike the stupid purple breeze The day after we got it, we had to go through some mud. Well, since we were busy, the only mud i couls find was in the "pond" in my dads back yard. its a big low spot in the backyard, well, we stired it up rather well. We didn't get too muddy, but it was fun none the less. :) I will be hooking up the subwoofer sometime this week, i hope. I have a EQ in the dash (pics to come), but i don't want to mess with the stock Infinity speakers. But the sub will be hooked up for sure ;)

May 15 - 05

Has it really been a month since i last updated? Shut-up, i slack. hehe.Whats new, well, the other night we could hear somthing under the night stand. It turned out to be a mouse chewing on a sucker that fell behind the nightstand. Well, either i set a trap, lure him out, or kill him some other way. Well, the trap would have been too slow, so i got my blogun out and shot the stupid bugger. Here is a pic of me holding him up. Hail oJuice.

April 25 - 05

We were going to have kunz come over for a BBQ, well, our BBQ was very crappy, and small. It didn't like to cook very well, so we went and bought us a new one. The new one is stainless steel, and has four burners. Can i just say, it cooked so much better than the old one. Our patio is starting to fill up and look nice. Mabey when its light i will take a pic of the thing Sue gave us, a big brass bowl for a fire pit on the patio. More pics will be posted soon.

This is the old one.... as you can see, it sucks :)

April 16 - 05

Been a while since i updated the page. One saterday i just had enough of the weeds in our field, so i toasted them. I about scared cass to death, a big wall of flames headed right at her... hehe.

March 1 - 05

Today on the way to work cassie slid across 4 lanes of traffiic and off the road. She is ok, and the car is fine, she is just really lucky to no be hurt.

February 27-05 .... Hey hey hey.

Last night we made some teriaki rice bowls for dinner. I marinade the chicken in some teriaki sauce, fry them up and shred it, i put it over rice and add some teriaki sauce, then garnice with sesame seads. yum. As good as Hogi Yogi too!

February 21 - 05

Well, the septic finally died, so we had to call and get someone to come and pump it, the ground was all soft because of the warmth of the septic, so it was easy to dig up. Unfortunately, after it go pump the ground got cold again and froze, so my pile of dirt is frozen, so i can't cover it back up until it warms up a bit. It wasn't a fun. Later that night we went to my parents house to help paint the new addition. Pops was spraying it on, so he had us wear these radioactive suits. It was so bloody hot in those suits, i thought i was going to die, but it did kep me nice and clean. So that was a plus.

February 19 - 05 Valentines Dance

We went to the dance, had a good time.

Feb 14 - 05 ... Valentines Day

Me and Blake made Dinner for the wives. Butter Chicken. Yum

Feb 05 - 05 .... Sushi!

We were at the store and had some slamon in the fridge, so we got some stuff to make sushi. We ended up with three different kinds, crab, salmon, and crab egg and avacado. They were really good, i got some wasabi to with them too. oooo, thats some good stuff, nice and strong. Cass also made some eggdrop soup to go with it, the soup was ok, but the sushi was good.

Jan 29 -05

Well, we got bored one night and instead of going to a LAN party, i promised the wife i would help her out with this room. The carpet was really bad and was smelly and thin, So we pulled it up and put some new carpet down. The carpet we had was some left over from my aunts house, so it was brand new. It took us about 5 hours to empty the room, pull it all out, and put the new stuff in. It was well worth it :)

Here are a couple pics right before the bunk bed went out.

See how bad the floor is, original owner has dirty kids and too many pets... yuck.

This is the new carpet as it is going in and being tacked down.

All done, now we can put the stuff back in.

Looks sooooo much better.

JAN 8-05 .... Woke up to ice hitting the bedroom window. So i went out to have a look. This was the full force of the big storm that was supposed to hit. So i took a pic for yas!

JAN 7-05 .... lan PARTY! we played all of 2 games, Counter Strike: source, and Unreal 2004. We stayed til 5 am and then disbanded. State count: California: 3 (i2TB, GPHREAK, OPM2) Idaho: 2 (extrmx, dan) Vermont: 1 (dr negative)

Jan (3-8)-05 .... We finally got our tile in and done... Took about five days all in all to get it done. We had to wait for things to set and dry before we could move on. Now all that is left is some window casing and floorboards. We put down some 13" tile.

Dec 20-04 .... Restocking day at work :) All the snack feed we can eat at our disposal.

Dec 19-04 .... Sunday, school is over and finals are done, so i got to relax. I went to my parents for dinner, and saw the dog basking in the dryer vent. And after dinner saw this nice sunset :) (1600x1200)

Dec 15-04 .... Ok, time for another update. I finished my watercooling project. I Still need a mounting bracket to get it put in though. We finished painting our laundry room, and i will upload some pics sometime this week or next week. Finals are here, so it is going to be a low priority. After finals though i will have all christmas break to work on this. Oh, and i got a Ti-89 Titanium... but i need to figure ou thow to use it, its a bit different than my ti-86 :)

Dec 13-04 .... After some drying of the pain, we put some particle board over the old floor borads. It sealed it up rather well, and made it look 100% better. We put the washer and dryer back in and put some shelves on the wall. We will be putting the window frames in around christmas break, and tile when we get some extra $$.

Dec 10-04 .... Ok, so time for another update. I got some more painting done on our laundry room. The wife said it looked like one bg key lime pie :) hehe. After we got the darker green on the other wall it looked a lot better.

Dec 02-04 .... Last night we primed our laundry room, its getting closer to being finished. We even got the celing textured! Paint and tile and we are done ;)

Nov 27-04 .... We wen to Park City Utah to do some out let shopping. I got me some new shoes and a shirt, while we were there it snowed, quite a bit actually.

Oct 24-04 ... Mud..... fun. We got all the sheetrock up and did some mudding. We still have a long way to go. I have been getting busy with school and mid-terms, so this is being put off. It will take 3 coats of mud, with sanding after each coat.

Oct 20-04 .... The insulation all up, and a piece of sheetrock on the ceiling.

Oct 20-04 .... Us starting with the insulation. We had a friend come and help with some electrical work. We put 2 new outlets in and 2 new circuit breakers.

Oct 16-04 .... Dan and Marilyn came over to help me destroy this room in our house. We started with a few holes and ripped everything off. Did you see us pulling any insulation out? i didn't either... there wasn't any. The dumb shmucks who built the house didn't put any in, so we will be fixing that. We spent the whole day ripping out and made two trips to the transfer station with garbage from what we tore out.

Oct 15-04 .... Me and i2tb took a few wacks at the wall before the LAN party... but it can wait til later......

Oct 14-04 .... The Wife is out of town... hehe, and i am going to start some remoddeling on this room.