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Derek, this is for you: Matt Fowley (in .mp3 format)

October 29th

3-D ultra sound of the baby.

October 29th

They had a pet costume contest at a local store. Well, since we didn't have anything good, we took the cat and dressed him up in baby clothes. He wasn't very happy with us. After a while he stopped struggling, but he growled at us all the while.

October 21st 2005

The wife is getting bigger, 7 months along.

October 20th 2005

More work is being done on the room. The demolition pictures i will put up later.

October 10th 2005

Our anniversary, i made some prime rib steaks with sauteed mushrrom, speared red bell peppers, and topped with shredded pamasean cheese. Boy was it good.

September 23 2005

Good ol Wookie, getting that bad quarterback....

September 22nd 2005

Bryant thought he could do it, i said he couldn't. So i told him to buy the milk, and away he went. It was rather entertaining. He had to keep it "ice cold". But in the end, it didn't really matter.

September 19 2005

Its a Girl! yay! I'm way excited. You can see the spine in the second one. The first one on the other hand... i really odn't know. Its supposed to be around the face, but i don't see it.

Sept 11 2005

Remember 9/11. Ok, so my laptop came in the mail today! yay! Only bummer was, that i didn't get home until 9:30 pm to play with it. So i ended up staying up until 2:30am playing with it, and it still had 10% battery when i finally went to bed.

August 5th 2005

Labor Day weekend. We went off to bear lake to go camping and stuff. We stayed from friday to monday. Every night we were there we had thunder storms. Lucky for us it only rain for like 5 minutes the entire weekend. The rest just blew on by.

Little brother wookie burried in the sand, and my Dad on one of the jet skis.

I took some pics of the lightning.

Ok, so this is the winner. On sunday they wanted to make some shakes after the lake. Well, my aunt whipped out a gas powered blender. It uses a standard weed eater engine. With throttle controls and everything. I took a picture and a movie of it for your viewing pleasure.

Click Here for the movie (5.30 MB, Xvid) BTW. we asked how much one of thoes runs, she told us her boss bought it for 300$ :s

July 11th 2005

The Wifes B-day!! She turns 23 today. We had a nice BBQ out on our patio. We had some good burgers and cake and shot off fireworks for a few hours afterwards. We finally stopeed all the madness at around 11. Then we propmly went to my parents house and had some more cake. We came home, and i watched some family guy.

July 5th 2005

The wife went in for surgery today, it all went to plan and she will be a lot better now that her stupid gall bladder has been taken out.

Fireworks 4th July

Here in idaho we may seem a bit small, but our fireworks are the biggest show this side of the mississippi. Melaluca puts the show on, and roughly 100k people show up to watch on the bank of the Snake River. This yeah i brought my digital camera and a tripod to catch some of the action. Here are a couple of the really good shots. Click here for the rest of them


Abe Lincoln Showed up..... On the float i helped build...... looks kinda like Gphreak.......

4th of July Weekend 2005

We Went up to Macks Inn and did some fishing on the Henry's fork of the Snake River, 4 of us went. We caught 6 fish total. I only caught 1 ;( Ah well, i had some good fun catching the buggers. The next day we went up to warm river and fished there. We still caught the some small fish as before, we also caught six again, but this time i caught 3 of them. :) yay! a couple small ones like the day before, and a bice 13" Brown trout... mmm.


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